Morocco: Religion and the tale of two markets

This year’s MIMOSA field survey again showed that a large percentage of the population cites “personal convictions” or “religious beliefs” as key reasons not to borrow. Follow up discussions with respondents to our surveys pointed more generally to a negative connotation of credit that is associated to “being in need” rather to positive risk-taking or [...]

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Inexorable growth in Cambodia: Like a rolling stone?

Some lessons are unexpected. Back in 2000, during the height of internet stock craze, I was an amateur manager of a small stock fund consisting of 8 smalltime shareholders who were all my relatives. Being a bit of a contrarian, the fund focused mainly on biotech stocks, which were enjoying quite a strong run, even [...]

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Living on the edge in Cambodia – is it worth it?

Ronda, Spain Since publishing the first MIMOSA report – on Cambodia – I’ve heard one persistent critique.  We say that the market is saturated, yet none of the current indicators appear to support it: repayments are great, there’s no field evidence of widespread overindebtedness, and the major MFIs are all undergoing a process of Smart Certification. How can we assert that Cambodia is at risk of overindebtedness, let alone a credit crisis, when no other indicators seem to support it? These are important and reasonable questions. But here’s the rub – all the factors that point to a healthy market are either lagging indicators or are too vague or too poorly understood to be used as benchmarks. […]

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MIMOSA has arrived!

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